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International Students Participate in the Activities of “Perceiving China-Science and Technology Development” in Henan Province

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Organized by the China Scholarship Council, guided by the Henan Provincial Department of Education, sponsored by Zhengzhou University, co-organized by Henan University of Technology and Henan University of Chinese Medicine, the second session of Henan Provincial social practice activitiy with the theme of “Perceive China---Science and Technology Development” was successfully held in Zhengzhou. The event lasted two days with the participation of 103 international students from Zhengzhou University, Henan University and Henan University of Technology participated in the event.

24 international students from Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Sudan and Benin at Henan University of Technology entered the scientific research institutions and large enterprises in Dengfeng City and Xinzheng City to feel the most advanced scientific and technological achievements and the pulse of urban industrial development. During the two-day trip, the international students visited the Songyang Academy, Henan Aoxiang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., Xinzheng Junyuan Organic Farm, and Kaifeng West Lake Park, which represent the industrial landmarks and historical sites of Henan's scientific and technological industry development.

The event aims to bring international students to experience Chinese culture, to perceive the tremendous changes in science and technology and innovation in the past 4 decades of China's Reform and Opening-up, and to enhance the understanding of China's regional development strategy. The goal of this event is focusing on learning about the status quo of China's science and technology and industry, touching the pulse of Chinese social reform and development, deepening the understanding of foreign students on China's national conditions and economic development, enhancing students' sense of honor as Chinese government scholarship students, and cultivating their knowledge, friendship, and love. It is reported that the “Perceive China---Science and Technology Development” international students' social practice and experience activities is a brand activity approved by the China Scholarship Fund Management Committee. Every year, international students are organized to visit the factory fields so that they can understand the development and changes of modern China. The Henan Provincial Department of Education is based on the development of the Central Plains culture and modern Henan economy and culture. It organizes international students to participate in social practice and experience activities, telling the story of Henan, of China, and has made great results, also it's very popular among internationl students.

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