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The First Parent-Child Reading Activity Held in the Library at HAUT

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In order to stimulate the reading interest of the majority of the faculty’s children, expand their reading vision, feel the charm of reading and experience the cultural atmosphere of the university, the library held the first parent-child reading activity on November 17.The Party Committee Publicity Department, Finance Department, School Youth League Committee, Dahe Book Company and nearly 200 teachers with their children attended the event. Yang Yanlin, secretary of the party branch of the library, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, with teacher Wang Wei from theManagementSchool and her child Li Yutong as the representatives.

Children and parents visited the library in an orderly manner, learned about the library's lending rules, shelving methods and modern self-lending system, and experienced the university’s strong learning atmosphere, rich collection and modern facilities in the library. The library staff organized the children to carry out a series of activities such as“interesting questions and answers”,“letter time”,“book time”,“parent-child viewing”and“freeze time”in an lively and vibrant atmosphere. Particularly, the ceremony of presenting the mysterious letters fromparents tochildren pushed the event to a climax. Parentsaccompanied theirchildren, some reading painting books together, some watching movies together, and some taking photos. They all shared a beautiful and warm parent-child time. The children received their library cards and small gifts considerately prepared by the librarian at the scene, with excited and expectant smiles on their faces.

Good books like elders teach us earnestly; Like a teacher teaching us patiently, and like friends understanding us completely. In the vivid and interesting book kingdom, let's hold hands together, create an atmosphere of a book-like campus, paint children’s childhood with reading, and fill children’s sky with reading. Love your child and read with him!

(Editor: 孙宇晴)

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